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Individual Stocks

Importance of a Stock's Beta in Evaluating Performance

When it comes to evaluating the value of a company's stock, beta is a financial ratio that receives a lot of attention. Much of the attention comes from the fact that beta is important, but a lot of the attention takes place in a misguided way. Beta measures a stock price's relative volatility with the rest of the stock market, tracking its motion in relation to the motion of the market in general....(more)

Buy Low, Sell High: Top Discount Stocks

The stock market definitely has its ups and downs all the time. It seems like mostly downs lately, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing, not for the smart investor looking for discount stocks. Even without good reason, investors sell when the market is down in value. It's a normal behavior anytime there is a hint of a crash, and it hurts a lot of portfolios. Their mistake is your gain. Take advantage of this list of top discount stocks, and boost your portfolio....(more)

Riding the Road to Wealth: Finding a Trustworthy Stockbroker

Finding a stockbroker is much like finding a doctor. You want someone who understands the field, has access to the latest knowledge and products, listens to your concerns and shares your goals....(more)

Investing for Beginners: Essential Tips for Buying Individual Stocks

You have various ways to invest in the stock market as a new investor. Putting your money into mutual funds is one option, but purchasing individual shares of a company is also a good choice. Buying individual stocks subjects you to a certain amount of risk, so make sure you select your stocks with care. To get the best return on your stocks, follow these essential tips....(more)

Currency Trading

Online Stock Trading Basics: Common Fees for Individual Investors

Trading stocks online gives you the ultimate in flexibility and empowers you to craft your own financial destiny; however, investing individually has a price. Understand that brokerage fees for executing trades are the price of doing business. You simply can't avoid them. But brokers install some additional fees to keep your account profitable for them. You can avoid most fees with some planning and a polite phone call....(more)

Reliable Online Trading Sites for Independent Investors

Online trading requires proper information as well as a reliable broker. If you are interested in online trading, these trading sites are the most respected options....(more)

Best Trading Sites for Small Investors

Deciding where to make your first stock investment can be difficult. Full-service brokerage firms are expensive and may charge more for stock transactions than the stock is actually worth. Fortunately, there are many online options that make it easy for investors to get off the ground. Check out the list below for the best trading sites for small investors....(more)


Events and Factors That Can Make Stock Prices Soar

Stock prices depend on a number of factors, some of which are completely beyond the control of the companies. While nothing is certain in the world of stock trading, there are several factors that reliably make a stock price soar. Depending on the degree and timing of these factors, a stock can jump in a single day or enjoy a quick rise over a longer period of time....(more)

Positive Signs to Look for in Growth Stock Mutual Funds

When evaluating options for mutual fund investing, learn to look for opportunities and signs of positive growth stocks. A positive growth stock produces profitable earnings at a significant rate, creating lucrative investment opportunities. In order to find mutual funds with positive growth stock, you must get to know them. Looking into a mutual fund's profile provides pertinent information to help you determine the best mutual funds for positive growth. Here are some important features to examine....(more)

The Different Types of Tax-free Municipal Bonds

A municipal bond, commonly known as a "muni bond," is a well-known, tax-free bond. This investment tool is issued from a state, county, city, school district or other government entity. Once you own a municipal bond, you do not have to pay any federal taxes on the interest you earn from your investment. This creates a favorable situation for long-term investors who want to focus on gains from compound interest. Purchase municipal bonds, and enjoy the advantage of the tax sheltering provisions. Here is a comprehensive list of the most popular tax-free municipal bonds....(more)